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  • Solar by the most trusted brand in roofing
  • 130 years of roof manufacturing experience
  • Save money on your electricity bill
Solar is smart.

GAF Solar is smarter.

Introducing the first program dedicated to simplifying the process of installing a roofing and solar system to meet the needs of businesses moving into the future. GAF Solar can provide you with the resources for planning, designing, financing and installing a new solar system along with a commercial roofing system that can help you reign in costs, protect your investment, and make you less dependent on more traditional and possibly costly energy sources. GAF Solar doesnt just help make you a leader in your business, it helps make you a smart leader in your industry.
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    There are many tough decisions in business. This isnt one of them. The time to join the solar revolution is now. The reduction in reliance on fossil fuels plus the long-term energy cost savings all add up to a smart decision for the future. A true no-brainer.


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    Solar system and GAF roof at little or no upfront cost to you


    Money on your electricity bill while financing a new GAF roof

    How Does It Work

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to pay for solar electricity without worrying about the ownership, maintenance, or operations of the solar system.

    What a PPA can do for you.

    • Allowance for immediate roof renovation
    • Predictable, long-term solar electricity rates
    • No solar system operation responsibilities
    • Capital expense turns into an operating expense

      The Long-Term Solution

      1 MW of power generated from solar panels prevents: over 700lbs of coal being burned, over 1500 lbs of CO2 being emitted and over 70 gallons of gasoline being consumed.

      *US EPA Greenhouse Gas
      Equivalencies Calculator


      Why bundle solar with your new roof?

      A better question might be, why not? With GAF Solar you can bundle solar with your costs for re-roofing, but thats only the beginning of the story. Adding solar could increase the overall value of your property asset. It also will reduce your electricity draw from the grid and provide much better risk management by locking in solar electricity rates for a 20-year term. There are no solar system maintenance requirements from you, and it positions you as a sustainability leader in your industry.

      Find out if your business is a good candidate for GAF Solar.

      GAF makes the difference

      GAF has the knowledge and experience to bring your project together. With over 130 years of roofing manufacturing experience, we are the first to offer this type of program because only we have the dedication to all things roofing. Combining our elite group of factory-certified roofing contractors with established solar installers means your project is being handled by the best in the business. Our vast network of industry experts in finance, engineering, roofing and solar energy are all ready and focused on improving your bottom line. Partnering with GAF means that you do not have to be worried about dealing with any Johnny-come-lately to the roofing or solar market. We pride ourselves on assembling world-class teams to bring the very best thinking to your project. From financial alternatives and structuring, to the latest technologies in roofing and solar, to system design, optimization, and reporting we have you covered.
      Go solar before your rates go through the roof.
      Your road to a more sustainable bottom line starts here.
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