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GP Primer

General Purpose Primer with filler properties

Martin Commercial Roofing ImagesGP Primer is a general purpose primer designed to adhere to a wide range of roof surfaces including smooth, glossy and rough cement roof tiles. Formulated from high quality adhesion promoted acrylic resins GP Primer is ideally suited as a filler coat on very rough cement tiles because of its high solids content, improving the gloss appearance and coverage of all Nutech topcoat systems.

*GP Primer is not recommended for Oxidized and Powdery Tiles. For these types of surfaces, use NuPrime.

Application and Features

GP Primer is recommended as an undercoat: Cement tiles Painted surfaces New tiles. GP Primer is a high solids adhesion undercoat recommended for NuFlex, TileFlex and Colourfast topcoat systems. It is a Low Sheen water based coating with excellent durability and adhesion performance.

Surfaces primed with GP Primer and top coated with a 100% Acrylic systems perform exceptionally providing years of maintenance free service. This product is Non-toxic, Non-flammable and faster drying year round making application safer and easier. On smooth surfaces the additional coverage of a topcoat is increased improving economy.

GP Primer has been developed following years of research and development to formulate an undercoat, which will adhere to a range of roofing surfaces and enhance the appearance of topcoat systems.

GP Primer has been developed for Australian and South-East Asian environmental conditions. It provides excellent protection against biological growth including Moss, Lichen, Mould and Fungus.
  • Benefits
  • Guaranteed surface and intercoat adhesion
  • High solids for maximum film build and filler characteristics
  • High degree of mould, fungus and lichen resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Faster drying time than conventional primer systems
  • Easy application by brush, roller or airless spraying
  • Ultraviolet light resistant

Suitable Surfaces:

  • Tiles
  • Concrete
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