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The EVER-SILIC COOL ROOF RESTORATION COATING SYSTEMfor MB-BUR, METAL and PVC is a High Volume Solids, pure elastomeric siliconecoating system that provides superior weather-proong, UVresistance over a variety of roof substrates. Tested and certied tomeet Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and EPA guidelines forENERGY STAR compliance. Also available in low volume solids(Ever-Silic LS). Withstands ponding water!


The EVER-SILIC COOL ROOF RESTORATION COATING SYSTEMis a tough, durable application designed to protect a wide rangeof roof top environments from weathering, moisture intrusion,and extensive fire damage. It is especially effective as a protectivemembrane to coat the entire roof, to use for spot repair, and toprovide additional protection for flashing when integrated with areinforcement fabric.The EVER-SILIC SYSTEM provides excellent adhesiveness thatallows it to adhere with an existing roof to form a monolithicmembrane. The result is a CRRC and ENERGY STAR system thatexceeds all Title 24 requirements.


  • Prolongs the life of a roof while helping lower internal temperatures and reducing cooling costs.
  • Hydroponic-withstands water penetration
  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of roof surfaces
  • Ease of application - extremely fast and simple to install
  • Can be used to reinforce and seal seams, penetrations and terminations, and make spot repairs
  • Slows degradation caused by normal weathering, aging, and UV rays
  • Economical - extends the life of your roof
  • UL-790 Class A Fire Resistance Rating
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The EVER-SILIC SYSTEM can be described by using threecomprehensive products to cover and protect your roof:


  • (1) EVERROOF
  • Primer M80, if applicable, is a two component,liquid applied, solvent based epoxy-polyamine primer withunique penetrating charateristic. It has quick/re-coat times andis low viscosity.
  • (2) EVERROOFS Primer M100, if applicable, is a two component,epoxy base primer that is used both as an application primerand a rust inhibitor.
  • (3) EVER-SILIC HS is a versatile, low VOC, single-component,high solids, liquid silicone coating designed to be used as a basecoat and a top coat for a variety of metal systems.
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