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The EVER-THANE COOL ROOF RESTORATION COATING SYSTEM for MB-BUR, METAL, and PVC roof systems combines an aromatic poly-urea urethane base coat, EVER-THANE BASE, with an aromatic polyurea-urethane top coat, EVER-THANE WHITE. It is a strong urethane system that provides re resistance and high performance. These high performance urethane coatings protect the existing roof from the harmful eects of UV, greatly reducing thermal shock and prolonging the life of the roof while helping maintain internal temperatures and reducing cooling costs. Protects against grease, animal fats, jet fuel fallout and most industrial chemicals. Our most durable system. Withstands ponding water!


The EVER-THANE COOL ROOF RESTORATION COATING SYSTEM is a tough, durable application designed to protect a wide range of roof top environments from weathering, moisture intrusion, and extensive re damage. It is especially eective as a protective membrane to coat the entire roof, to use for spot repair, and to provide additional protection for ashing when integrated with a reinforcement fabric. The EVER-THANE SYSTEM provides tenacious adhesion with an existing roof system to form a monolithic membrane. The result is a CRRC and ENERGY STAR system that exceeds all Title 24 requirements.


  • Lowers internal temperatures and reduces cooling costs.
  • Low VOCs
  • Hydroponic-withstands water penetration
  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of roof surfaces
  • Can be used to reinforce and seal seams, penetrations and terminations, and make spot repairs
  • Slows degradation caused by normal weathering, aging, and UV rays
  • UL-790 Class A Fire Resistance Ratingating
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The EVER-THANE SYSTEM can be described by using three comprehensive products to cover and protect your roof:
  • (1) EVERROOF Primer M80 is a two component, liquid applied, solvent based epoxy-polyamine primer with unique penetrating charateristic. It has quick/re-coat times and is low viscosity.
  • (2) EVER-THANE BASE is a versatile, low VOC, aromatic, single-component, moisture-cure, polyurea-urethane, coating designed as a base coat for a variety of metal roof systems.
  • (3) EVER-THANE WHITE is a versatile, low VOC, aromatic, single-component, polyurea-urethane designed for application as a top coat or for repair work on a variety of metal roof systems.
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